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Mobile Text/SMS Marketing and Promotions

So, Why Are You Loosing Customers by NOT using Mobile Marketing yet?

SMS Marketing Software Service

Mobile SMS/Text Message Marketing Software from Lead Capture to Follow Up bulk Messaging.

Mobile website usage Statistics show that your customers are increasingly using their Mobile Phones to search for your products and services as well as viewing your website and when they cannot find what they need, they simply move on to your competitors.

Visitors seeing your current advertising NEED to:

  • quickly land on a specific page on your website about the exact product or service you advertised
  • quickly find the information they need to make a decision,
  • Instantly call or save a telephone number to get in contact
  • be able to fill out a form for future Follow up

How We Can Help You

To make it easy for Customers to Find your services, view the details and get in touch we follow a simple 3 step process to create a done-for-you Mobile Marketing Solution

Mobile Promotions and Marketing 101:

  1. We help you Incorporate Mobile Participation in your current Advertising efforts
  2. We create a Mobile Optimised Landing Pages and capture your clients information
  3. You get to follow up with participants offering them discounts and special offers.

STEP 1: Adding a Call to Action: “Text INFO to 555-555-555”

Mobile Marketing SMS marketing starts with your potential client requesting more information via Text Message.

STEP 2: Replying to the SMS Text Message

After sending the Text Message your potential clients receives a text message reply on their mobile Phone with :

  • – Customisable product information as a website link
  • – Discounts Codes/ Special Offers

STEP 3: Send Follow Up SMS Text Message Promotions

Now that you have your customer’s permission to follow up with them you are able to:

  • – Send follow up messages for Special Promotions
  • – Send follow up messages for reminders to events
  • -Your customer always has the option to easily stop receiving promotional messages by replying with STOP.

Your Customer will thank you for the discount and/or information and recommend your business to friends.

How Does SMS Marketing Benefit Your Business?

  1. Using SMS Marketing we created a base of Loyal and responsive Customers for your Business
  2. SMS Marketing Allows you a follow up method to speak directly with your clients
  3. SMS Marketing Allows you to provide discounts and promotions for your business as a text message.


New: Brand New 3 in 1 SMS system creates a Set and Forget Lead Capture, Lead Notification and SMS Follow Up

We can now GREATLY improve the effectiveness of your current Offline and Online Marketing material by creating a lead generation, new Lead Notification and follow up system for you.

It is a complete easy to setup, Done-for-You system and requires no special skills on your part that can run 24 hours a day building your client base.

How does SMS Follow Up marketing it work?

Benefits to you and your clients:

  • Your client receives near instant additional information sent their mobile (which they can save, use to get in contact later or forward to a friend )
  • You receive notification of each request for more information including their telephone number to follow up.
  • You have the ability to follow up via Text message to offer the client future discounts or promotions.

Follow up with interested parties LIKE NEVER before.

With the uniquely implemented system you see exactly how your adverts are performing and most importantly you can call or them back while the interest is high.

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